webmaster's useful tools
10 Mar, 2016 - New version
of Instant Eyedropper
  • Two-clicks mode
  • Precision mode (hold the ctrl button)
  • Multiple monitors support
  • High-DPI support
  • Don't steal focus of an active window
  • Font face, size and color can be changed through ini file
  • Click stability solved
03 Apr, 2013 - New version
MLDDM 2.87
  • touch screens support
10 Feb, 2011 - New version
MLDDM 2.82.1
  • some small fixes and updates
14 Nov, 2009 - New version
MLDDM 2.82
  • keeping active items highlighted
  • new 'delay' parameter
  • passive items
31 Mar, 2009 - New version
MLDDM 2.32
  • additional doctypes support
  • new 'direction' parameter
  • extended documentation
22 Sep, 2008 - New version
MLDDM 2.30
  • realtime layers position recalculation
  • optimized script size and speed
5 Jun, 2008 - New version
MLDDM 2.28
  • reverse submenu direction when not enough horizontal space
  • automatic or custom width of the layers
  • can be two or more menus on single page
Feb 02, 2007 - New version
Webmaster's Toolkit 2.07
  • Fullscreen Ruler mode
  • Show Side Rulers in window mode option
  • Quick Copy to clipboard buttons
  • Many bugs were fixed.


Webmaster's Toolkit

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Webmaster's Toolkit v2.07
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